D. Angelo Ferri
Magic, Right In Front of your Eyes!

About Us

No Rabbits, No Painted Boxes.

  • My Close Up Magic is ideally suited to the dinner table, the cocktail party, and more.  I work with coins, playing cards, silks, everyday items. Close Up Magic has an appeal that cannot be matched by other forms of the Magical Arts, it happens right in front of your eyes! Treat your guests to a unique entertainment they will remember and talk about for years to come. 

D's Teacher: SLYDINI

  • D is a renown student of the greatest Close Up Magician's of all time, Slydini.  D has performed all over the United States, Italy, and Japan. He lectures and teaches his fellow magicians. 

  • Clients Include: CBS Records, IBM, Kemper Insurance, NY State Senate, San Francisco Common Wealth Club, Tampa International Airport & more. 


  • My formal show includes audience participation and magical presentations set to music. My Magic is for adults. (Children's Magic is a completely different Art.) My work is pure sleight of hand.

914 258 3043