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The Helicopter Card

This is far and away my most popular YouTube video, which I credit to the special interest in this example of Close Up Magic. I write about in from the perspective of the student in my e-book, Master of Misdirection (available at Smashwords).  This classic Close Up miracle is within the reach of the student that is willing to learn the basics and execute them with discipline.

The Master of Misdirection

My teachers Magic is based upon the natural mechanics of the body, psychology, non verbal communication, what human beings have in common, and above all; Belief. It is my sincere belief that all magicians regardless of style or ethnicity, we discover themselves by studying the principles 'recognized' by my teacher. I use the word 'recognize' because my teacher saw what exists naturally and  used it to create beautiful Magic.

The Cigarette Fantasy

Are you a Magician that specializes in Manipulation?  I believe that a study of the Cigar Fantasy will teach you  principles that are transferable because these principles are based upon natural body mechanics. I cover these principles and all of my teachers Cigarette Magic in this e-book available at Smashwords:

Paper Balls in the Hat

This is the first trick I ever saw my teacher do. I felt for the first time that I had seen real magic. He and I studied this trick together for years. If you are interested in an extensive study of The Paper Balls in the Hat from the perspective of the student please consider my e-book. I have included over 100 photo's on a beat by beat basis to help you learn this wonderful effect.

The Magic Tomato Can (Chop Cup)

Before I became a Slydini student I did many of the tricks that we all know and love. This is my version of the chop cup. The basic routine comes from Don Alan. I'm a big Don Alan fan. The handling of the cups and the loads are based on Slydini principles. If you are interested, take a look at my Don Alan Tribute e-book available at Smashwords.

Making Connie Faint (Sucker Egg Trick)

When I was a little kid magician this was my favorite trick. Years ago I met Walter Gibson. In addition to his books on Magic he created 'The Shadow'. This inspired me to write my own series of detective stories.

Interlude With a Billard Ball

This is an exercise using my teachers Imp Pass, Revolve Vanish, Timing, and the principle: "The Body takes the Hand." The display of the ball in the hands is taken from the Cigarette Fantasy and the Production Silks.

The Production Silks

The Production Silks is an opening Effect. In my e-book you will learn how to produce the individual silks, the fountain of silks, and the flag. My teachers original handing and alternative folds are in included. My e-book contains over 100 photo's to help the student. You will need about 50 12" silks,  a flag silk, and a special gimmick you will be able to make yourself with little effort.

The Linking Rings

This routine is divided into three parts. The rings are displayed, linked, and then all the rings are handed out for inspection. Next a spectator is invited on stage and the rings are un linked right in front of his eyes. The finale is a series of designs that ends with all the rings cascading singly to the floor. My e-book contains over 100 photos and precise information to help you learn this great routine.

Gioca Te (Your Turn to Play) My Guide to Briscola, Tresette, and sette Mezza

In addition to my books on Magic and my detective stories, I've written a book about some great Italian card games that can bring you hours of enjoyment and mental simulation. Here is the link for Gioca Te

Scopa is another great card game based on 10. (It is also a great way to 'trick' kids into learning math! I've combined lesson on this game along with a story about an actual event in history. My detective Angelo Di Carini and his father talk about this during a game of Scopa after Sunday dinner. My e-book Scopa is a free down load. Its my way to introduce you to a great card game and my detective stories!